Understanding brain injuries

In a recent article in Time Magazine, author Emily Wing Smith described what live is like for people who have suffered a serious brain injury. “When you have an invisible disability,” she writes, “it’s easy for people to forget you’re disabled.”

While other people with disabilities, healthcare professionals, and personal injury lawyers like those working at Neinstein & Associates are likely to be quite mindful of the effects of a serious brain injury, it’s easy for most people to forget how difficult life can be for disabled people. In the article, Ms Smith gives a wonderful, account of her own experiences:

When I was 12, I was hit by a car while crossing the street. I cracked my head on the windshield and was raced to the hospital. CT scans showed several fractures to my skull, but that wasn’t all—it also showed a pre-existing, grapefruit-sized brain tumor in my cerebellum, so large that it was close to killing me. Without the accident, we’d likely never have discovered the tumor until it was too late.

It explained so much—why I’d gotten headaches before I even knew what headaches were, why I was clumsy and uncoordinated. I’d been living with a brain injury my whole life and hadn’t known. It had taken another brain injury to discover it.

The tumor was removed completely, and a biopsy showed it was non-cancerous and had little chance of regrowth. My skull fractures were repaired. I had a railroad-track incision running down the right side of my head, and an upside-down Y scarring my forehead, but I was alive. I was lucky.

That’s how I’ve thought of myself ever since. Lucky, even though my headaches didn’t go away once the tumor was removed. Lucky, even though I was still just as uncoordinated and clumsy as before. Lucky, even though the tremor in my right hand was so severe I couldn’t hold a baby without shaking.

Once you’ve come to terms with the difficulties a person with a serious brain injury lives with each day, it’s important to understand the scope of the issue, and the wide variety of brain injuries people can sustain. FindLaw.com gives us a brief overview:

Every year in America, there are approximately 1.7 million traumatic brain injury (TBI) related deaths, hospitalizations, and emergency department visits. You don’t have to be traveling at a high rate of speed or to strike a hard object in order to suffer a TBI. Serious brain injuries can result from falls, car accidents, sports activities, and work-related accidents. Any kind of trauma to the head or neck region can cause the brain to bruise, bleed, tear, or swell.

Types of Brain Injuries: Open and Closed

There are two general types of head injuries: open and closed. An open injury means the skull has been fractured, and this kind of brain injury usually results from falls or other accidents in which the head comes in direct contact with a hard surface or object. A closed head injury doesn’t involve a fracture, but can be more serious than an open injury due to the possibility of brain swelling and the formation of dangerous blood clots inside the skull. Whether a brain injury is open or closed, the most serious of either type can cause paralysis, loss of consciousness, and even death.

The personal injury lawyers at Neinstein and Associates understand the complexities of brain injuries, and are thus an excellent resource for people considering a lawsuit over their brain injury. However, for people who have experienced a brain injury, finding a community in which they feel comfortable and supported is as important as the services delivered by Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers. A group of brain injury victims in Minnesota, for example, is taking an interesting approach to revealing the realities of living with a brain injury. Check it out in this video:

Hazing rituals can lead to criminal, civil lawsuits

Has your dad ever fondly reminisced about the playful hazing he and his friends inflicted on high school freshmen or pledges to his college fraternity? While he may look back on these rituals with rose-coloured glasses, it’s highly likely that some of his victims may remember them less agreeably. In fact, hazing can in many cases be considered criminal, and in other cases may warrant the investigation of a personal injury lawyer like Toronto’s Neinstein and Associates.

There are countless examples of hazing going over the line, usually at universities and colleges. At Xavier University, a student-athlete suffered multiple concussions and sued the school for negligence:

Similarly, Johnny Powell II, a former student at Stevenson University in Maryland, sued the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity for $4 million, according to FindLaw.com:

His suit alleges that he was physically beaten by fraternity brothers to the point that he had to be hospitalized. Powell also claims that he had to run errands for frat brothers or risk physical punishment and that he was forced to do calisthenics while brothers hit him.

According to Powell’s attorney, Jimmy Bell, the beatings were brutal and even took place during meetings that were supposed to be purely informational. Powell supposedly still sees a therapist and suffers back pain as a result of these experiences.

As for physical injury, Bell said of his client Powell, “The doctor told him if he hadn’t come to the hospital, he probably would have died from internal bleeding,” Bell said. ”They did a lot of things that are sadistic.”

Worse still, some of these hazing incidents have even resulted in death and criminal murder charges. One of those cases took place in 2013 in New York, according to wrshlaw.com:

Five young men now face murder charges for the 2013 hazing death of a New York City college student. According to a CNN report, the Baruch College freshman died from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) suffered during a hazing incident for the Pi Delta Psi fraternity.

During the hazing, the freshman was blindfolded freshman fell and struck his head. He went unconscious and didn’t receive medical care for two hours. Officials say the delay in treatment lead to his death.

Regardless of whether the accused are found guilty of murder, the victim’s family will have an opportunity to file a civil lawsuit.

If you or a member of your family has been victimized and suffered injuries as part of a hazing or initiation process, you should immediately contact a personal injury lawyer like Neinstein and Associates to discuss your options.

How to find a personal injury lawyer

At some point in most of our lives, we all suffer some form of injury. Whether you break a bone playing sports, get involved in a car accident, or take a spill off your bicycle, nobody can avoid accidents forever. While most of these accidents will result in temporary, non-serious injuries, in some unfortunate cases the injuries sustained can be very serious and may have a grave impact on your life and the life of your family.

If you are one of the unlucky few who is seriously injured in your accident, your best bet is to immediately consult a personal injury lawyer, like Toronto’s Neinstein & Associates. The importance of quickly attaining a personal injury lawyer’s expertise is summed up in this YouTube video from Shaw Media:

Connecticut’s Ganim Injury Lawyers recently offered a great primer for looking for a lawyer on their website:

Personal injury caused by the negligence of another can be devastating physically and emotionally. The medical expenses can be huge and sometimes the injuries are permanent. When such a situation arises, remember to consult with a personal injury lawyer. Finding a personal injury lawyer may not be easy. Here are steps on how to find a personal injury lawyer:

  1. Look for an attorney specializing in personal injury: There are different types of lawyers. Narrow the search by looking for lawyers who specialize in personal injury litigation.

  2. Get recommendations: Talk to friends and relatives who may know of a good personal injury lawyer. Check with local bar association for a list of personal injury lawyers. It is always beneficial to hire a lawyer who has trial experience, particularly a lawyer who has won personal injury lawsuits.

  3. Interview several personal injury attorneys: It is a good idea to interview several attorneys. Learn about their experiences. Check to see if they offer free consultations, some attorneys work on a contingency basis which can be helpful in case of limited financial resources. Inquire about the litigation procedure.

  4. Check their experience: See if they have enough experience to handle the case.

  5. Make sure the personal injury lawyer knows state’s laws: Personal injury laws vary by state as well as the kind of injuries sustained and the particular legal situation. Personal injury attorneys should be well versed with the state’s laws.

  6. Value track record instead of education: Ask the attorney about experience and record of success.

Canadian-Lawyers.ca has also provided some excellent, Canadian-specific advice on seeking a personal injury lawyer, including the importance of finding a “plaintiff’s lawyer”:

Most Canadian lawyers who specialize in personal injury law will either represent injured people or defend against personal injury lawsuits, but usually not both. If you’ve been injured, you’ll probably want to hire what’s called a “plaintiff’s lawyer.”

Personal injury lawyers who represent injured people usually don’t also defend against lawsuits in this area. The profile for the Canadian lawyer and his or her firm should give you an idea of whom they primarily represent. If you can’t tell, call the personal injury lawyer’s office and find out.

Suffering from a severe injury can be a tragic occurrence, but an experienced, professional personal injury lawyer like those working at Neinstein & Associates can help you along your road to recovery.



The Importance Of Scheduling Institute Training Center

Scheduling Institute Corporate Office

What Is The Success Of Your Dental Practice?

Doctors are only as good as their practices. The efficiency, effectiveness, and customer service standards that such businesses can often reach can determine the continued success and burgeoning of the business.

Scheduling Institute Corporate OfficeThe Scheduling Institute exists to provide direction and education on the growth of practices by implementing strategies.

While the Scheduling Institute does work to improve practices for doctors in every field, they are mainly known for and relied upon by the dental field.

It is the world’s largest dental training institute. It provides study programs and training events for more than 2,300 medical practices across the globe. The Scheduling Institute facts are the focus of this piece.

Drs Mark & Shayne Fixari Results After Scheduling Institute Training ReviewDrs. Mark & Shayne Fixari Scheduling Institute Review

Drs. Mark & Shayne Fixari were happy with the status of their 2 practices. But in addition to their two practice’s they also have 3 daycare centers and a home health business. They were often distracted by other projects and businesses & didn’t have a clear vision for the future of their dental practices. At the time, they were satisfied with double-digit levels of growth. However, once they were exposed to the Scheduling Institute’s concepts, they realized the impact they could have and decided they no longer wanted double digit growth, they wanted to grow 5X!  Read more here about their experience…..

Read more reviews about the experiences of other practices and their Scheduling Institute Center training.

Relevant Facts About Scheduling Institute

The Scheduling Institute is a private corporation headquartered in Georgia. The founding CEO, Jay Geier, established The Scheduling Institute first in 1997. The initial reason for its start was to teach medical practices simply how to answer the phone properly. It sounds simple, but nearly 20 years The Importance Of Scheduling Institute Training Center Stats Reviewlater, it drives home just how that one practice aspect has been overlooked.

What happens when the phone is mishandled is miscommunication, a feeling of being passed around, or even that of being snubbed by the same doctor in which the patient is about to entrust their one and only body. A properly answered phone converts a one-time visit into a long-term client for the practice.

This simple concept is effective and translates across fields of medicine, to the point where the company diversified into 26 varieties of in-house training and coaching programs.

Dental practices worldwide have used the Scheduling Institute Training CenterFollow reviews on their Facebook page to see why.

Why You Need A Personal Injury Attorney

In this article we will talk about all different reason why you need a personal injury attorney. We know that at first glance the reasons might seem obvious but many of the reasons are far from obvious. We hope that if you have had an injury that you would consider a personal injury attorney like the ones at our firm.

Reason 1: Phantom Injuries

It is our advice that you seek the counsel of a persona injury attorney whenever you are injured. Yes, we know that you might feel fine after a slip and fall but that might not hold true a few days or car accidentweeks from now. In our experience, a lot of the pain and problems that come from collision type injuries, be them car accidents or slip n falls , is that often times people will feel fine but the injuries will creep up on them at a later time. Sometimes collisions through the spine out of balance and injuries come from that. This is also why we recommend that you see a medical professional after every accident.

Reason 2: Money

Lets not beat around the bush, people make claims and hire personal injury attorneys because they need and want money. If you end up injured and you miss work or if you end up with chronic pain, you deserve to be compensated. Personal injury lawyers are in the business of helping people get compensated for the injuries that a negligent party are responsible for. This is the number one reason why people see attorneys.

Reason 3: You Need A Champion

When it comes to the law, it isn’t for rookies. There are some people who might try to simply call up the other parties insurance and try to make a deal but this is a very bad idea. Matter of fact, this is exactly what they want you to do. Those insurance defense lawyers make big money and their job is to keep you away from the money that you deserve. They are not a neutral party of intermediary between you and the other party, they just want to give as little as possible and giving you nothing is the first goal. If you do not have a personal injury attorney championing you, then you will end up with the short end of the stick. Do not play their games, do not walk into their traps, do the right thing and get your own attorney to go after them. The only fair fight is lawyer vs lawyer.

Reason 4: The Other Side Deserve To Pay

Hey, we don’t always like revenge but when bad things happen to you and it is because of someone else, the best revenge is to beat them with the law. A lot of people aren’t use to the law being on their side but this is one area where you can use the law to get revenge on the person who harmed you. What better compensation than money? No it won’t repair your injuries but it will improve your life. Sometimes they just have to pay and a personal injury attorney is the perfect partner to make this happen.

Reason 5: You Don’t Want To Be A Victim

Victims get sympathy, not respect. Do you want sympathy or respect? When it comes to getting injured, it automatically turns you into a victim. Someone did something and now you are hurt. I hate the idea of them getting away with it, do you? I don’t care if it is a slip and fall because someone didn’t put out a sign (happened to me) they have to pay.

neinstein & associates

Neinstein & Associates

As you can now see, there are many reasons why someone should hire a personal injury lawyer to represent them in an accident claim. In this article, we have listed reasons why a person should hire an attorney. We hope that this article will help people realize what is at stake and how an attorney can help you. It should be clear that an attorney will help you do what you cannot do on your own. So, if you are looking for attorney, please consider Neinstein & Associates. They have the experience and the fight to get you the compensation that you deserve. If you are ready to fight, we are ready to go to war for you.  Call them for a free consultation.

Improve Your Dental Practice with Scheduling institute

Running a dentistry office can be quite challenging task to undertake. There are a lot of things that need to be done and one of which is dental practice management. This encompasses a lot of

Jay Geier

Jay Geier

things such as marketing, customer service, billing, and the likes. One of the common mistakes made by dentists is being too focused on the actual dentistry process that they forgot to check their staff’s way of handling patients; particularly in the front desk office.

For dentistry office to thrive, it is important to follow good business practices. Without it, your business will not survive. There should be a clear and specific system, which should be strictly followed by every member of the team. There should be an office manager, which will help the dentist in making sure that the system is strictly followed and that everything in the dentistry office runs smoothly. As a dentist, you should not only be excellent in performing dental procedures, but as well good in office management; at least have a basic understanding as to how office management works.

Marketing and customer service

Marketing and customer service have a direct relationship. Keep in mind that in private practices such as dentistry; the clients or patients are the life and blood of the business. So, you would want jay geiers scheduling institute trainingto make sure that your customers do not only receive high quality dental procedures, but as well as treated correctly. If the patients are extremely satisfied with your overall service, then you don’t really need to worry about marketing your business. They will be the one to do that in your behalf. They will refer your office to their friends who need dental services.

The Scheduling Institute by Jay Geier conducted research, which showed that one of the reasons why dentists are not targeting the required number of patients in a day is due to staff’s incompetent way of handling clients. As a business owner, you need to pay attention on how your patients are being treated. Your staff’s manner of handling patients can entice your patients to come back or not at all. Geier has given emphasis on the conversational skills of the dentistry staff. With his more than two decades in the business, he has concluded that more than 90% of patients will call the office to inquire and schedule an appointment prior to office visit. Now, the front desk staff has the power to convert these calls into actual patients provided he/she is equipped with the right skills in handling calls. If the staff is not competent enough, then the dentist will actually lose more than 50% of prospect patients, which also means that the dentist is literally losing money.

The Scheduling Institute has come up with a system that aims to improve the way staff handles patients and eventually help dentists grow their practice. Jay Geier implemented the telephone answering system, workshop, training, and seminar including on-site training. His decades in the business has helped a lot of dentists grow their practice and take their business to a whole new level.

Scheduling InstituteAdditional Company Info



Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer’s Help In A Slip and Fall Claim

What Value Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Offer In A Slip and Fall Claim

Have you suffered from a slip and fall accident on the Toronto property of someone else? If yes, then you have the right to compensation provided you will be able to prove that the other party is at fault. To help you do this, you will need the service of a Toronto lawyer who specializes in slip and fall claims. A slip and fall lawyer in Toronto will take all the necessary steps to prove to the jury that the accident was secondary to the property owner’s fault or negligence. When it comes to slip and fall claim, the property owner is not only held liable for the property’s damage that is directly causing the injury, but as well as liable to the things that he/she should do to prevent future accident. For example, the floor of the property owner tends to be slippery during wet season and he/she has not done any measures to inform other people that it is slippery thereby causing the accident. He/she should have placed signage indicating that the floor is slippery so as to alert the public or better yet she has replaced the flooring with something better such as a rug or rubber mats.

Were You The One To Blame For The Accident – So What

Trial Jurors in Personal Injury CaseThe jury will not only take one side of the story. Were you somehow at fault for the accident? Did the accident happen because of your clumsiness? Most of the time, the accident happened because you were not paying attention. If this is the case, then the property owner is not solely responsible for the accident, but with the expertise of a lawyer, he can somehow prove to the jury that the property owner is partially at fault. Yes, you probably have fallen on your own two feet, but this does not necessarily mean that you will not be compensated for the injuries you sustained. Hire a personal injury lawyer who specializes in slip and fall claim and he will take care of your case.

The lawyer will be the one to pursue your case and will make sure that your claim will be filed in a timely manner. Always keep in mind that there is a time limit when it comes to filing a claim and the time limit varies from one place to another. A highly experienced lawyer knows about time limit in your place and will not be barred through the statute of limitations.

Hence, if you wish to seek compensation, then do yourself a favor and hire the service of the best lawyer in your place. There are so many factors surrounding a slip and fall accident case and a lawyer knows exactly what to do to recovery fair and just compensation. If you are skeptical to hire a lawyer thinking that you will be bombarded with high legal fee, then you are wrong. A lot of injury lawyers today work in a contingency fee basis. What does this mean? Well, they will not take any upfront fee.

Don’t forget to check the reviews of your lawyer before deciding to go with them for your case.  It’s important to make sure they have a track record of success.  All you need to do is to be cooperative and honest during the entire process. Once the lawyer is successful in helping you with your claim, then a portion or percentage of that claim will be given to the lawyer. If unfortunately the claim is not successful, then you will not owe anything to your lawyer. You will not be asked to pay even a single cent. So, it’s more of a win-win situation on your end. Sustaining an injury after a slip and fall accident can be very traumatic both for the victim and his immediate family. Good thing the law supports those victims of accident provided certain criteria will be met. Increase your chance of getting fair compensation by hiring the service of the best injury lawyer.